1-Wire sensor ID auto replacement

All 1-Wire sensor devices are featured with Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID MetaField. This MetaField enable the logic of replacing an existing OneWire SensorID in GpsGate with a new one received from device.

By default, this feature is disabled. To enable this option, follow the instructions blelow.

How it works

The SensorID which should be replaced is selected from registered sensors which are not present in the chunk data from the device.

For example if the device supports 4 OneWire sensors, which have registered

"SensorID_1", "SensorID_2", "SensorID_3", "SensorID_4"

If the device sends "SensorID_1", "SensorID_2", "SensorID_4", "SensorID_5"

"SensorID_3" will be replaced with "SensorID_5" and the IDs configuration will look like:

"SensorID_1", "SensorID_2", "SensorID_5", "SensorID_4".

How to enable it

To enable this feature, you need to access the Site Admin > Devices > Types and select the option Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID

For example, for the Teltonika FM1100 device we will follow these steps:



This feature can cause data mixing between different sensors types, because a different sensor type can be assigned to the same variable during the replacing process, for example an old sensor is ambient sensor temperature and a new sensor could be engine coolant temperature.

Take this into account before enabling this feature.