SPOT API support

Support for SPOT API

1. How to install

1. Log in to Site Admin.
2. Go to Plugins tab. Click on Get more plugins.
3. Download and install SPOT.

2. Add SPOT API Account and Start Listener

1. Log in to Site Admin.
2. Go to the Service tab.
3. Click Providers on the sidebar menu.
4. Select SPOTMessageProvider option from the dropdown. This will open the message provider form.
5. Specify a name for the provider.
6. Specify the API URL including the FEED_ID. (e.g.
7. Specify other required parameters such as CallInterval and CallTimeout. By default, CallInterval is 60 seconds and values less than the default value will be ignored.
8. Click Save.
9. In the table view, click Start to start service listener.

Note that SPOT API doesn't require username and password. Instead, the authentication is done based on the FEED_ID parameter.

3. How to add a vehicle and how to add a tracker to a vehicle

1. Follow the add devices guide.
2. When entering the device details, select hardware to SPOT.
3. Fill in the Messenger ID of the tracker. This should be the unique identifier of the device.
4. Click Save.

4. Resolving errors

The log file under Site Admin > System Tools > Logs

GpsGate server will process row items until it fails on one item. The server will make retries at each call_interval.