Add user-related fields to Event Rule and Trip and Idle reports

If you want to add an existing user property (description, phone number, etc) that currently is not exposed in the variables of the report editor, follow these steps.

Event Rule Report

To add it in an event rule report, simply use report arguments, specifying the user field you want to add in a column.

Trip and Idle Report

For TR1000 report and any other report that uses the Distance01 data provider, follow these steps:

1. Go to Site Admin > Reporting > Manage Reports > View (the report you want to edit, if you don't have a copy, first create a copy by clicking in NEW)

2. Go to Query Editor and follow the steps in the image. Add the Users Description in the query and save it.

3. Click on Back.

4. Add the description field in the layout of the report

5. Save the report. 

6. Activate the report in your application if it's a new report you're editing:

7. If it's an existing report, reprocess the report.