One shot events

Sometimes you need event rules to turn to false before they can trigger a new notification. This is where it comes handy to use one-shot events.

The one-shot event rule

1. Edit/create an Event Rule by accessing to Admin > Event Rules menu in your application.

For more information about event rules, read this guide.

2. In Step 2. Who this rule applies to select only the vehicle/s tag/s that will make use of this rule.

Note: this step is important to avoid performance issues in your server.


3. In Step 4. Expressions, add the exact same expression that triggers the event in Show advanced options

Example 1: using SOS as variable, for example, if you want to have every update of the SOS state.


Example 2: using Temperature (Analog) signal. For example, if you want to capture every temperature variation.


4. Save your event rule.