Event Panel Features & Management

The event panel design helps customers manage events quickly and accurately. All of the features have been designed with operators and managers in mind. Read on to learn how to use and enable the new features.



Real-time overview

The real-time overview in the event panel can be shown in the card view or list view.

The number of open events displays in the 

Card overview

All active event rules show in a card carousel. You know exactly what's going on with your fleet at all times. You can see total open events on the card. New/unseen event counts show in the red circles.

You can see the current count for each event type on the card as well as the number of new events.


List overview

If you want to see a list view in the events panel, click on the list icon to change the view. You can monitor events as they occur in real-time.


How else can you view real-time event information for the fleet?

Open event counts show directly on the vehicle markers on the map.


You can also choose to display an open events column in the Vehicle List. To do this, right-click on any column to edit the columns shown. Click on a column header (e.g. Open events) to sort the vehicles by this column.



Events drill-down

It's easy to drill down to the information that matters to you - events by type, date, or vehicle.

To drill down to today's open events for an event type, simply click on the list icon directly on the event card. This will display all open events from today's date. To change the event data columns displayed in this view, right-click on a column.


You can also add a filter on event type or event date from the main list overview.  

To filter by event type, click the Filter events button. 


To filter by event date, click the Calendar 'All active' icon. If you select a date in the past, you will see open & closed events from that date.


You can also click on any vehicle on the map to drill down. Right-click on the user and select 'Show only this.' All open events will show for the vehicle.


Remember, you can edit the columns to see additional event fields in this view.

Events are tied directly to vehicles so operators know immediately which driver to call.


Prioritized notifications

Operators need to know immediately about serious events. The pop-up notifications provide real-time information on high priority events like SOS or speeding.


To enable pop-up notifications for high priority events, click on the edit icon in the events panel. Select an event rule to enable/disable notifications. Be sure to save the workspace after saving your changes.


Operators can monitor lower priority events in the real-time overview. The new event count on the cards alerts them to new incidents, or they can see them in the list view.


Detailed event records

Each event record contains key information from the device outputs. Operators can also record notes when closing an event.

To close an event and add comments, click on the event, and select 'close event.' Type in operator notes before closing the event.


Detailed event records let managers know exactly what happened in the field and in the office. Event records help form an audit trail and make events traceable back to drivers and operators. You can be sure that official processes and protocols are followed.

The event record will contain the date, time, location, and vehicle. It may also have other event-specific information such as speed, temperature, idling time, etc. In addition, it will have any operator comments.


Deprecated features

Former Timeline and Event Icons are replaced by Area Search.


Additional Tips

As always, be sure to save your configured workspace to be sure you don't lose edits and changes.