Closing events with comments

GpsGate offers the possibility to add comments while closing events. 


  • Add additional information to the event: eg. why/how it happened?
  • Let managers have more information to make better decisions
  • Improve audit capabilities in your organization
  • Increase customer satisfaction when requesting additional information

Learn how to use it:

Enabling comments

To have this feature on, you'll need at least these two options enabled in your event rule in step 6. Presentation.

How to close an event

Single event

When the event is registered in the events panel, you can close it by right-clicking on it and select Close event.

Afterward, you need to input a comment in the text box and click on Close event.

Single or multiple events

You can close one or more events by selecting them on the box selector and then click on Close events button.

Afterward, the Comment text box will show up.

  • Note that if you use this option, both events will have the same comment.

Displaying closed events

You can review the events if you select the Filter events icon  and search by event type and date.

Click on Filter when done.

The results will be listed according to your selection and the event(s) generated.