FU1006 Fuel Refill report (daily)


This report shows daily fuel refills for vehicles in the selected time period. The report shows refill information grouped per day.


In-report information

  • Date: date of the refill
  • Refills: number of refills that day
  • Duration: duration of the refill events
  • Refill Volume: amount of liters/gallons of the refills of that day
  • Total Refills: total number of refills performed to the vehicle/s
  • Total Duration Refill: sum of the Duration amount of the refills
  • Total Refill Volume: total amount of liters/gallons of fuel filled to the vehicle/s


This report works with devices with fuel-reading capabilities.

Check for compatible devices here.


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the Fuel Report plugin.

3. Activate the report in the application.

4. Choosing the correct input from your device, select the Fuel level variable in the Device Mapper.
Example 1


Example 2 (CAN bus mapping)


Read more about the device mapper here.