SY1002 User Devices



The SY1002 report displays all users, by tag, with their IMEI, Phone Number, IButton, Email and any Devices connected to them. If the device has a last known position, the user name can be clicked to show a marker on the Map view.


In-report information

  • User: the device user name
  • IMEI: the IMEI/DeviceID of the device
  • Phone number: the phone number of the device if any is set
  • IButton: the iButton variable value if any
  • Email: the email address of the user if any
  • Device Type: the device type used in the vehicle
  • Device Name: the name of the device


This report works with any device.


1. Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install System Report plugin.

3. Activate the report into the application.