TR1000 Trip & Idle (Detailed) & TR1000-U


This report shows detailed trip information and idle time for selected vehicles (TR1000) or for a specific user (TR1000-U). Each line represents one different status (run/idle) and they are displayed in time order.


In-report information

  • Start date and time: when the run/idle event starts.
  • Stop date: when the run/idle ends.
  • Duration: duration of the run/idle.
  • Start and End address: where the run/idle starts/ends
  • Distance (GPS): distance in km/miles of the run (idle will display 0).
  • Max Speed: maximum speed reached on the run (idle will display 0)
  • Avg Speed: average speed of the run (idle will display 0)
  • Trip/Idle: shows if the current line is either a trip (run) or idle.
  • Total Duration Trip: displays the total duration of all the trips displayed in the report.
  • Total Duration Idle: displays the total duration of idle time in the report.


This report works with any device. The report requires tracking data from the devices in order to display information.


No specific setup is required. This report is enabled by default in any application.

If this report is not visible in your application, read how to activate the report into the application.