Device Simulator

The device simulator lets you easily test GpsGate without any hardware - no tracking device or smartphone necessary. You can generate track and input data for testing, demos, and training.

Note: the simulator is only available for the pay as you go model, is not available if you're using legacy licenses.

  • You will see your vehicles (using the device simulator) moving towards the desired destination on the map
  • You can add multiple destinations for each unit to complete the trip
  • The movement will have realistic speed according to road speed limits
  • You can start/stop vehicle movement at any time
  • Set a new destination with a right-click
  • Change input values (e.g. speed, temperature)

To use it, simply log into a new application.

Using the device simulator is easy. First, add a new user (with Device user type) by clicking on +User in the Vehicles panel. Select 'GpsGate Simulator' as the device type.


After you save the user, click on the user in the Vehicles panel. The tooltips will help you get started.

Set the first position:


Create a route:


Once you set the final destination, the device simulator will start. 

Reached your destination? Right-click, set a new destination, and the simulator starts driving again!

Want to test your event rules or generate more complex data? The simulator supports several variables automatically: speed, temperature, SOS, fuel level, and harsh braking / turning / acceleration. You can also add other inputs.


Enabling the Simulated Device State panel

If you don't see the Simulated Device State panel, make sure it's enabled under the Window menu.


For more details on user types and using other device types, read this