Add custom fields to your reports

There are several ways to add Custom Fields to your reports. The way you add these custom fields will depend on which object is this custom field related to. Follow these methods to achieve this:

Editing the report

1. Go to SiteAdmin > Reporting > Manage Reports > View (the report you want to modify, if you don't have any, make a copy first by clicking in New instead and save it.)

2. Right click the cell where you want the custom field value.

3. Select Custom field -> field from the menu.

4. In the next window, select as ObjectID UserID/POILocationID depending on the type of object you want to display the custom fields from. These values will be available for most reports.

Field Type > User/POI/Fuel Consumption/Maintenance.

Note: Fuel Consumption and Maintenance options, will be displayed if their correspondent Fuel Consumption or Maintenance plugins are installed.

Custom Fields user related

Example of a user field related to a user:

Custom Field name > Type the name of the custom field exactly as written it in the Vehicle Tracker application, between the brackets []. (eg. Plate Number)

$CustomField([UserID], [YOUR_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME_HERE], [user])

5. Click OK.

6. Save your report.

NOTE. If this report has already been activated into an application, you may need to reprocess the report to get the new fields available.

Custom fields POI related

If in the application a custom field called Plate Number has been added and I want to display it, then on the report cell should look like this: 
$CustomField([UserID], [Plate Number], [user])

Example of a user field related to a POI:

As you won't find the option for POIs in the menu, you need to modify the field directly in the editor.