Sound Alarm plugin

This guide explains how to enable the sound alarm plugin on GpsGate Server. The plugin will play an alert sound on each incoming alarm, therefore the sound will be repeated until all the alarms are closed.

How to install or upgrade the plugin

  1. Log in to Site Admin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Go to Get More Plugins.
  4. Download and install the Sound Alarm plugin.
  5. Go to the Applications tab and select the application you want to enable the Sound Alarm plugin for.
  6. Scroll down to the Privileges and Roles section, look for Sound Alarm under the Plugins folder and check the box next to it.

Enabling the Sound Alarm on the Event Rules

After installing the plugin and enabling it for the application that you are interested in, you need to enable it for the event rules you want to use it. Login to your Vehicle Tracker application and open the event rules under the Admin menu. Select the event rule you want, go to step 6 called “Presentation” and check the box next to Sound.


Please note that these steps enabled the Sound Alarm for one Event Rule in one application and they need to be repeated for each Event Rule and application on which you want to use the Sound Alarm plugin.


Once triggered a sound alert, it can be muted by clicking the button in the bottom right corner of the Workspace. The sound will stop until the next alert comes in.



If you cannot see the Sound option on the Presentation Section for an Event Rule make sure the current user has the SoundAlarm privilege enabled.

Log in to your Vehicle Tracker application and open Roles under the Admin menu. Select the Role for your user and check the box next to SoundAlarm on step 3 called Privileges.