Device Types

In GpsGate Server you have the possibility to create multiple instances of your Device Types for the same device model and brand.

Having different instances of device types could be useful in the following cases:

  • When you have the same device brand and model in different vehicles and you need to capture different signals from each vehicle.
  • When you want to use different Device Odometer types in different vehicles.
  • When you want to use different Trip Definitions in different vehicles.
  • When you want to use device mapper scripting and you don’t want this script to interfere with the default Device Type of a certain device.

New Device Type creation

1. To create a new instance of a Device Type, you need to log in to Site Admin and go to Devices > Types


2. Select a Device Type and then an Instance of this device. Click on New.


You’ll immediately be able to see the newly created copy of the instance if you drop the list:


3. Rename the instance


4. Click on Save.


You will notice the new instance name that is shown in the list


In the Application

To see your new device type, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the application

2. Go to Devices Device Mapper you should be able to see the new instance of the device type.


Read more about the device mapper here.

Import/Export an instance template

Once you've an instance with your own customizations, you could export/import it to another system if required.

To export

1. Select the Instance you want to export

2. Click on Export


An XML file will be generated and downloaded with the configuration


To import

1. Select the Import button


2. Choose the file to import from your system

3. Click on Import


Wait for the confirmation message


Now you will be able to see the new instance in the application under device mapper.

Additional instance options


  • Track Filter Settings: default/City Drive. The filter establishes how the track points are going to be processed to be displayed on the screen. Learn more about Track Filters here.
  • Upgradable: you normally want to allow this option. When there is a device plugin update on the server, this instance will also be updated if there is a new feature.
  • Supported Commands: it will display the commands available for this device type and if you want to include them in this instance to be triggered within the Vehicle Tracker application. Find out more about template commands here.
  • Device Mapper Template: lets you set the signal mapping defaults for this device type.

How to copy/retrieve a Device Type template to/from an application

If you select the option Device Type Template you will get access to the following screen:


In that screen, at the bottom, you have two options to select:

  • Copy to Application: this will allow copying the current mapping displayed onscreen to a selected application of your choice. This will overwrite the device mapping in the application.
    Notice that you can select only the applications that are currently using this instance of the device mapper. After clicking on Copy, you will receive the confirmation that the device mapper has been overwritten in the application. blog_dm_types_012.png
  • Copy From Application: this will take a current device mapper configuration from a selected application in order to copy it to this template. You can select the application source from which you want to copy the device mapper. You'll use it to replace the current saved template in this screen. blog_dm_types_013.png
    After clicking on Copy you should see the confirmation message: blog_dm_types_014.png