Schedule reports to be sent automatically via email

This guide shows you how to create reports to be sent automatically via email.


1. In your application, go to Reports > Manage Reports, or generate an instance of your report by following the steps 1 to 4 of the guide.

2. When editing the report, select the Schedule option from the left.


3. Enable Send via email on the right.


4. Define your submission schedule as desired

Note: for the option Send to, you have to select a tag that contains user(s) that have an email address on their properties. You can easily check if that tag has users with emails if you go to Admin > Tags and check the selected tag properties.


5. Finally, click on Save and Run to preview the results.


If you need to edit the parameters again, go to Reports Manage Reports and click the edit button.


Which is the file size limit to send a file via email?

In Site admin > Reporting > Reporting Settings set the maximum attachment size to send via email.


  • Any value over this size limit, it will be sent via email link instead.
  • Verify your email provider documentation about the max size limit it can handle (e.g.: Gmail max file size limit is 25 Mb).