Prevent report processing on demand

With the privilege _PreventProcessDataOnDemand you will be able to control which users can execute reports that require processing in real time. Enabling this privilege allows reducing processing times and improves server performance.

Report processing: background

If you have a server with many users querying daily reports on-demand you may notice high processing times depending on the amount of data generated by the devices.

The report's processing time depends on different factors:

  • If there’s unprocessed data (such as today’s data).
  • The amount of tracking points to process.
  • The amount of users/processes querying reports in the server at the same time.
  • Server resources and availability.

Enabling the privilege

In Site Admin

1. Access your application Privileges and Features.

2. Under Plugins > Reporting, enable the privilege _PreventProcessDataOnDemand


3. Save the application properties.

In the application

1. Go to Admin > Roles.

2. Select a role (e.g. Operator)

3. Under Plugins > Reporting, enable the privilege _PreventProcessDataOnDemand


4. Save the role.

Done! When the user tries to execute a report, it will only be able to see data that has been processed already, and not today's unprocessed data.

You can see in Site Admin > Reporting > Task Viewer, that the execution of visualizing the report it took no processing time or resources from your server.


Report’s Data Processing

In order to have the data preprocessed automatically by the server creating report's instances will be necessary. Make sure in your new report instances, all necessary parameters are preselected and saved.