Prevent report processing on demand

The privilege called _PreventProcessDataOnDemand allows to control which users are able to reprocess tracking information. This feature helps administrators to lower reports processing times and improves the server performance.

Report processing: background

If you have a server with many users querying reports on-demand (this means, logged into the application and viewing reports on the screen), you may observe high processing times for certain reports.

The report processing time depends on different factors:

  • If there’s unprepared data such as today’s data.
  • The amount of tracking points to process.
  • The Amount of users/processes querying reports in the server at the same time.
  • Server usage and speed.

If you think you have issues processing your reports, check carefully this guide first.

How to setup

In Site Admin

    1. Update your plugins to the latest version.
    2. Enable in your application Privileges and Features, the privilege _PreventProcessDataOnDemand

In the Vehicle Tracker Application

The idea is to setup a Role for a limited user. In this example we’re going to use an Operator, but you can also create a copy of this role and assign it later to the user.
You have to setup your Operator privileges this way:

This time, when the user tries to execute a report, will only be able to see data that has been processed already. You can see that the execution of such a report in the Site Admin > Reporting > Task Viewer, almost did take no time nor processing resources from your server.

Report’s Data Processing

If we enable this new Privilege for your application or user, the question that raises is: when the data is going to be processed?

The answer relies in saving the report parameters. This task should be performed by an administrator of the application.

The Administrator configuring the report parameters:

According to the administrator settings, these are the parameters that the user will be able to modify:

The process of configuring the report’s parameters and activation is described in detail here.

When an administrator or a user with proper rights saves the report parameters, it will be processed automatically by the system once a day.