Tags are a basic component of GpsGate. With tags, you can organize your fleet in a very convenient way.

You can use as many tags as you consider necessary. For example, you can create a tag called Trucks where you can add all vehicles that belong in this category. Or you can create a tag called Operators where you will add all users who belong in the same group.

It is also possible (and recommended) to create a tag just for one individual user/vehicle.

Examples of why you need to use tags

How to create new tags

a. From Admin > Tags

1. Go to Admin > Tags menu


2. You select + Tag 


and introduce a name and an optional description


3. Finally, select the users to include in this category.

Note: even vehicles are considered users in the system.


4. Click on Save.

b. When creating new users

When you create new users, the Tags option is also present there to allow you to quickly create a tag if necessary.

The creation procedure is exactly the same as explained before, using the Admin menu.