This guide explains how to apply branding to your server or to individual applications.

For branding the server's login screen, read this guide.

Server Branding

Server branding enables branding all the applications in the server, using a default branding (e.g. your organization's). 

1. Go to Server AdministrationServerSettings


2. Go to Server branding, and toggle on Enable branding.


3. Choose a logo and use a colour picker to complete the background.

4. Click on Save.

Application Branding

The application branding prevails over the server branding. Application branding does not require having Server Branding activated.

1. Go to Server AdministrationApplicationsManage Applications


2. Click on the application you want to brand.

3. Go to  Branding section and upload your logo.


4. Click on Save.

Fleet app branding

Server and application branding, affects Fleet app branding.

Read more about Fleet App application branding.