Creating a support ticket with GpsGate

We want to help you solve any issues as fast as possible. The more information we have about your problem, the better! Here are some best practices for creating a support ticket with GpsGate. They will help us resolve your issue quickly. 

Information to include in your support ticket

To speed up support ticket resolution, it is important to include the following information: 

1. A high-level description of the problem and use case

For example: "I need to solve problem X to achieve the result Y. I need this solution to improve my organization/customer W goal".

2. A detailed description of the problem

For example: "When I observe the problem X, I see the error Z. I tried doing A, B, and C, but it's not working."

  • List what you've tried that didn't work
  • Add as much detail as possible
  • Copy-paste (in text), the exact error message you see (if you see any)

3. Error logs

You can find the error logs when you log in to the application using a Site Admin user.

1. Navigate to the main hamburger menu and select Site Admin > Logs > Error Logs

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 09.28.50.png
2. Download each log file of its type (or as requested by Support).

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 09.31.42.png

On-site logs (alternative)

For GpsGate On-site installations, if you have no access to the server for whatever reason, it's possible to capture error logs directly from the server's file directory: c:\GpsGateServer\ErrorLog

4. Screenshots relevant to the problem

Screenshots are usually enough, so please avoid submitting video files. In cases when it's necessary, send us a video link instead of a video file.

More information is required based on the issue reported:

Performance issues

In case the issue is related to server performance, please also attach the Profiling logs.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 09.33.07.png

Browser errors

If you notice browser unresponsiveness or crashes, press F12 in your current browser to open the developer console. Check for any errors. Copy any error messages (shown with red text) you see in that window, or send us a screenshot.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 09.34.54.png

Requesting support for devices

New features & new devices

If you need to request support for devices, follow these guidelines instead. You can request new device integration, or for new features to be added to existing devices.

Parsing issues

If you have parsing errors in the terminal, please attach a screenshot of the device mapper configuration and the relevant lines of terminal data in .TXT format.

Support Portal

If you don't have an account in the support portal, check out this guide to create a log in.

Submit one ticket per problem. If you have multiple issues, submit a ticket for each.


Please don't send any kind of credentials openly in the initial request. This is insecure and can compromise your server's integrity and security. If access to your server is needed, Support will contact you with the next steps.