Terminal - low level tracker control

Using the terminal, you can observe the unprocessed data flow (referred to as reports) exchanged between the server and tracker. Additionally, the terminal's data display feature aids in issuing and overseeing commands, and it even allows for disconnecting the tracker. 

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This article will discuss all the available options within the Terminal window:

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1. The initial segment permits you to select an alternative device from the system.

2. In Section 2, you're presented with choices to switch between Terminal data, Commands, or SMS. These options enable you to view historical data and the command queue.

3. The Send command section offers a convenient method for dispatching template commands or manual commands to the device. It also facilitates the option to abort all commands.

4. Terminal data encompasses both the unprocessed data flow and the parsed data. Terminal data explained

5. Disconnect tracker.

The terminal in Site Admin

Logging in with a Site Admin user, you can access the server's Terminal in the following menu

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The terminal in the Application

Either with a Site Admin user or with a regular user, you can still have access to the Terminal within a specific application:

Read the terminal in the application guide.