Trip Report with Business and Private as signals or fixed schedule

As a business owner, you're all about maximizing your fleet to save time and money. For this reason, it's important to be able to track the details of all vehicle trips. More specifically, which vehicle routes were for business and which routes were for personal use?

More and more devices support a one-button function that switches the device signal to tell the system if the trip is for business or personal.

Below is an example of how to use event rules with GpsGate's to produce the Trip with Business and Private Report. 

In this report:

  • Trip State:   Only "run" trips
  • Business/Private: Show if the trip is for business or private
  • Driver Name: If you have driver login process, the driver name is shown here.



  • Configure the driver (if you want to display driver-related information).
  • Import the attached event rule. 
  • Import the attached report template.

Event Rule Setup

  1. Enable the scripting expression on the application. 
  2. Download the attached zip file.

    • Trips with Business and Private.xml > Event Rule that collects data.

  3. Edit the scripting per your business request
    For cases with fixed working hours, change the business start and end time per your schedule. 
    For device input signal:
    Uncomment the blue part and comment out the green part. 

Report setup

1. Download the attached zip file.

  • Report Template - Trips with Business and Private.xml > the report.

2. Import Trips with Business and Private report.

3. Enable the report within your application.

5. Create an instance for the Trips with Business and Private report.

6. Select the default parameters you want for the report. Make sure Trips with Business and Private Event Rule is selected in the EventRule parameter.



8. Save the report instance and your report is ready to run!

Reprocess the report

If you make any changes to the Event Rule, you must reprocess the report for the changes to take effect.