Daily Summary

The daily summary is the perfect way to get an overview of your data over longer time periods.


To access it

The Daily Summary panel opens by default, but you can also add it from the Window option:


Be sure to save your workspace so that the panel will be there the next time you open your app!

Using the Daily Summary

Select the data you'd like to view.

Select the vehicles from the dropdown (or use the search option to find them). mceclip3.png

Select your dates. You can use the standard Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week or you can customize your date range. 


Right-click on the column header to customize your data view if you'd like by tailoring the columns to your needs.


Tracks overview

Hover over a vehicle row to see an overview of its region of travel during your selected time period. This fast look at a vehicle's tracks gives you an activity summary without lots of data processing or clicks. That means its super fast for operators and managers of larger fleets. 

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 13.44.16.png

Need more information on a particular vehicle's tracks? Right click to show the track on the map.  You can also open it in Charts or even create a route geofence.

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 13.44.25.png


Adding data to Tracks

You can also add data directly from the Daily Summary to the Tracks panel as shown above. If you add to tracks, you can add other tracks' data to view them as a data set. Tracks support multiple time spans. This lets you add data from different date ranges and vehicles and view them as a set. 


You'll note that you can also open the data in Charts

Once you have added multiple items to Tracks, you'll see all your selected data in the Tracks panel. It will indicate which vehicles are included and specify (multiple time spans) if you've selected more than one date.