Tracks: Timeline

Note: Tracks is the default experience for users (previously Tracks 2.0 (Beta) in the UI). You can select Tracks (Legacy) from the Tracks panel menu.

The Tracks Timeline is an interactive timeline with vehicle status, events, and the ability to view historical positions on the map. Read an overview of Tracks and selecting your data.

The timeline shows the status changes for each vehicle. You can hover over a vehicle timeline to see details. Historical events (including closed, open, and ongoing events) also display on the timeline for the event rules selected.


Click the timeline and then drag the playhead to see historical map markers on the map.


Check the brush chart (scroll bar) in the footer of the timeline to see if you've zoomed in on the timeline. You can also use it to drag and rescale the timeline.mceclip1.png

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How can I change the time/date format shown in Tracks? Tracks follows the server/application localization settings.

Which track data is included when I use the refresh button? You only update the track data in your current time span when using the refresh button. If you want to get all data up until the latest track point, set your end time to a later time today.