Tracks: Track Filters

Note: Tracks is the default experience for users (previously Tracks 2.0 (Beta) in the UI). You can select Tracks (Legacy) from the Tracks panel menu.

The track filters provides a quick way to filter Tracks data using different parameters. You can filter your tracks data in order to drill down to the exact data you need. 

Read an overview of Tracks and selecting your data.

Activating the Track Filter

To activate the track filter, follow these steps:

1. Right-click on the Tracks advanced menu and select Track filters...


2. Enable the filter option


3. Use the filtering parameters as explained below.

Using the Track Filter

1. You can filter your tracks by custom time ranges:


2. Click on Save.

3. The tracks distance will be recalculated based on your filter choice. 

4. Select the Track Points View to see the results.


Filtering options

By Speed or Altitude

Speed and Altitude are two common predefined filters you can activate directly:


By device inputs

You can filter out track results based on device inputs such as Ignition or any other available for your device.

Use the option Filter based on for that purpose:


When using a device input as a filter like Ignition (which could be the track definition parameter), you might need to hit the Refresh button in order to recalculate the track data.