Tracks: Charts (beta)

The new Charts feature in Tracks is a way to visualize your data plotted on a graph. This makes it easy to quickly analyze the data selected in the Tracks panel and find any outliers/situations to address. 

There are multiple ways to open Charts:

  • Window menu -> Charts.

  • Tracks panel menu -> Open in Charts will open Charts with the selected vehicles and date(s):

  • Track Points list. Right-click on any of the rows and click Open in Charts. This will open the data from the selected row in Charts: it plots the data for the vehicle with the selected columns as variables and same date.

  • Vehicle status: Right-click a widget and press Open in Charts to open Charts with the selected vehicle, the widget variable, and the default date (today).

Enabling Charts

To enable Charts: _UseTrackGraph and _UseTrackExport are required privileges

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