Which users are billable?

In GpsGate, payment is defined by the average number of devices tracked throughout the month. Read more details about GpsGate account management and billing.

Which users are billable? 

Trackable assets require the role _Unit, which also contains the privilege _DeviceLogin.

Admin > Roles > 3. PrivilegesLogin > _DeviceLogin

Note: you will not be able to track your units if this role or privilege is deactivated.

Using the User Search tool option, select Show only paid. This allows you to see which units are billable.


Legacy licenses

If you are on the legacy licensing system, licenses are consumed by tracked units (shown as devices on the Billing tab). Use the same User Search method described above to see which users are consuming a license.

To free a license for the legacy model, is it necessary to remove the user?

It's not necessary to remove the user. If you no longer need to track the vehicle/user, you can disable the role _Unit from the user, by editing it. Remember: unchecking this role makes the unit untraceable on the map and the tracking data won't be saved for the user.