The Billing window is where you manage your payments to GpsGate. It offers detailed information about platform usage, including cost breakdowns per feature and access to previous invoices. You can also update your payment method and view resource usage for each application. This guide overviews all Billing window items and their respective functionalities.

How to access the Billing window? 

  1. Login as Site Administrator to your platform
  2. Connect to any application 
  3. Press on the Main Menu and navigate to Site Admin - Billing

Note: Only the Site Admin users can access and view the Billing window.

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I.  Automate your monthly payments

Automating monthly payments to GpsGate is done via our payment provider, FastSpring.

Migrating to FastSpring is easy, safe, and free. After switching, your recurring payments will happen monthly and you'll receive a billing statement. 

Simply click on "Switch to FastSpring" in the Billing window to automate monthly payments to GpsGate.

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II. Current payment period

Two costs are presented: Current Balance and Estimated Total.

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The Current Balance displays the accumulated costs of the products used up to the present day within the given payment period. This cost is calculated daily and aggregated to provide the Current Balance.

The Estimated Total refers to the total cost of all currently used products, assuming no further changes. It reflects the anticipated end-of-month invoice price.

In the top right corner, you'll find the subscription ID, which serves as a unique identifier for your server. It's used to assign licenses to you.

III. Products

Within the Products section, you will find a breakdown of each feature with its associated cost.

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Total - the overall count of units/items.

Billable - the count of billable units, excluding any potential free units.

Price per - the cost for one unit/item.

Current balance - the present cost of products used within the current payment period.

Estimated total cost - the anticipated total cost of all currently utilized products until the end of the payment period.

The prices for each feature can be found in the GpsGate Store

Show per application button :

Clicking the "Show per application" button allows you to view the usage of products for each application. You'll also find a breakdown of each feature and its corresponding cost. From here, you can export the data using the "Export" button.

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IV. History 

In the History section, you'll find all past invoices listed. You can view each invoice and make payments through the Shareit platform.

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