OKTA setup for single-sign-on

This is a continuation of the single-sign-on guide.

OKTA is a cloud-based software that provides user authentication security management. You can read more here.

OKTA configuration

1. Go to Okta‘s homepage, register an account and log in to the admin user interface.

2. Click on Add Application button on Applications tab.

Okta add applications
3. On the next page click Create New App on the left side.

4. Select SAML 2.0 as sign on method and click Create.

Okta select sign on method

5. In general settings, fill the App name that corresponds with the GpsGate application name and click Next

Okta app general settings

6. Copy-paste the Single Sing on URL and Audience URI from step 2) and click Next

Okta app saml configuration

7. Select the options as shown below and click Finish.

Okta app finish

8. Click Assign people on People tab

Okta assign people

9. In the next view you can find the person that you want to assign to the app.

Okta select person

10. When selected a person, fill the GpsGate username you want to associate with the OKTA user.

Okta gpsgate username

11. Right click and copy the link of the Identity Provider metadata URL on the Sign on tab (from the section highlighted with yellow color). 

Okta app saml configuration

12. Now you can continue from the step C in the single-sign-on guide.