Using search in the application

Introducing the Next Evolution in App Navigation: Search Functionality is Now LIVE!

Tired of endless clicking? Say hello to efficiency with our brand-new SEARCH feature! Now finding what you need in your GpsGate application is faster and easier than ever before.

With our innovative search functionality, you can unlock a world of possibilities with just a few keystrokes! No more endless clicking or hunting through menus—simply enter a few characters and watch as our search engine effortlessly matches your query across a wide range of categories, including trackers & users in the current view, branding, geofences, user settings, site admin settings, add panels, run reports, switch between workspaces and so much more!


Note: Users only see results they have permissions for. If they don't have access to other applications, for example, applications will not show in their search results.    


Launch search with cmd + k (Mac) or ctrl + k (Windows) keyboard shortcuts