Branding applications

Custom logos and background colors are available at the server and application level. GpsGate references can be hidden for your server or for your individual application. 

For branding the server's login screen, read this guide instead.

Server Branding

Server Branding, if enabled, will be displayed by default to all applications that do not have individual branding. If there is branding at the application level, this one will prevail over the server one.

To brand your server follow these steps:

1. In Site Admin, go to Settings > Branding.

2. Upload or drag and drop your logo to the Logotype section.


3. Use a color picker or a standard HTML color code to complete the background.

4. Click on Save.

Server Branding result

Application Branding

If you prefer to specify a branding for a specific application instead, use the application branding. The application branding prevails over the server branding.

Note that this option does not require to have the server branding activated.

1. In Site Admin, go to Application Search and Manage and select an application.

2. In the Branding section: Upload your logo. Use a color picker or a standard HTML color code to complete the background. 


3. Click on Save.

Application Branding result


Logo size recommendation and Mobile branding

We recommend uploading a .png file no larger than 380 wide and 300 height. This size will also give a good aspect ratio for mobile application (Fleet App) branding.

For example, this is a result of a logo file 380x193 pixels.


Read more about Fleet App application branding.