GpsGate Releases

GpsGate's platform is updated on a monthly basis. This means there are always new features to explore in GpsGate (plus improvements to existing features and, of course, a few bug fixes!). The compendium of release notes below can help you keep track. If you'd like more than the highlights, read the full release notes. To see the beta release notes, make sure you check the 'Beta Releases' box at the top of the release notes page.

Release Date


June 2024 Enhancements to in-application search and the Fleet app
May 2024 Find what you need faster with the updated in-application search
April 2024 Streamline business operations with billing and Fleet app updates
March 2024 Create speeding event rules with geofences in a few clicks
February 2024 Maintenance feature: Add options for resource cost tracking
January 2024 Maintenance feature: Corrective and preventative services
December 2023 More SiteAdmin settings migrated in-app
November 2023 Several SiteAdmin settings moved in-app
October 2023 Google Maps configured from GpsGate Store
September 2023 New premium feature: Dashboard Metrics and Widgets
August 2023 New REST API token generation in the UI
June 2023 UI map and window improvements, new version of Fleet app
May 2023 Area Search in Store, Device Mapper refresh
April 2023 New Billing Window, Vehicle status updates
March 2023 Site admin roles, UI context menu improvements
February 2023 UI toolbar improvements, vehicle Crash fixes
January 2023 Accumulator values to Daily Summary, Fleet app updates
December 2022 View vehicle labels in Tracks Replay, main menu search
November 2022 Color-coded vehicle variables in Charts and vehicle follow in Tracks
October 2022 Productivity hacks with closest vehicle, branding, and email logs
September 2022 Event notifications and UI improvements for productivity
July / August 2022 Updated Area Search + Slack notifications
June 2022 Manage GPS devices from any application with server terminal
May 2022 Work faster with more tools in Site Admin
April 2022 Importance of regular updates to GpsGate
March 2022 Tracks finale - all features are in place
February 2022 Tracks replay, account-level strong password settings
January 2022 Daily summary track bounding boxes
December 2021 Daily summary, track filters
November 2021 Charts (Tracks), more in-app site administration
October 2021 More Tracks features
September 2021 In-app site administration
August 2021 Custom vehicle status, use new Tracks as default experience
June 2021 New native map
May 2021 ArcGIS map layers
April 2021 More Tracks 2.0 features
March 2021 Tracks 2.0 (beta) and Vehicle Status (beta)
February 2021 Professional Portuguese translation, Fleet app map providers
January 2021 Professional Arabic translation
December 2020 Geofences in the Fleet app, user-based reports
November 2020 Three new official language translations
October 2020 Two-factor authentication
September 2020 Adding new devices in-app
August 2020 Reporting redesign, REST resources reporting & POIs
June 2020 New device simulator supports variables
May 2020 Pause vehicle list sort, JSON store, user form updates
April 2020 Add user redesign, maintenance
March 2020 In-app search, device simulator
February 2020 Vehicle list in Fleet app, follow all map zoom
January 2020 Browser tab event notification
December 2019 Strong passwords, UI updates
November 2019 Maintenance release
October 2019 Native Maps 2.0
September 2019 Route geofences, Fleet app updates
August 2019 Fleet app, user login reporting
July 2019 Kiosk mode, map markers
June 2019 Automated application setup
May 2019  Default workspace
April 2019 Automated password reset
March 2019 Application creation wizard
February 2019 UI updates (event panel, maps)
January 2019 Enhanced application branding