Install and enable a language

This article describes the necessary steps to install and enable a language in your applications.

Download the language plugin

Go to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

Sort by the Category column to group the available languages together. Click on Install for the desired languages.



Enabling user privileges for languages

Read how to access the privileges for your applications.

1. Enable the following privileges in your application properties:


  • _UseLanguage controls which languages the user can select in Settings. If no languages are enabled, English will be used.
  • _EditLanguage controls which languages can be modified. This privilege must be enabled in order for the Localizationmenu item to appear.
  • _CreateLanguage gives the right to create a new language.
  • _DeleteLanguage gives the right to delete a language or to revert custom translations of an existing language. Only languages enabled under _EditLanguage can be deleted or reverted.

2. Click on Save to save the changes for your application.

Next steps

The next step is to make the user select his language of preference. 

Learn how to change the language at the user level.