Renaming or localizing boolean values

This guide shows you how to localize boolean values to something else. 

A boolean variable might be expressed in different ways depending on the variable source, device type, etc.


  • Replace cumbersome values like HarshBreakingDigital_TRUE to True.
  • Ignition = True could be replaced for Ignition = On
  • Localize boolean values into different languages (e.g. if you use Spanish as your application language, you will still see variable's results in English, with this option you can translate from True to the Spanish equivalent).

Note: this change is only for the GUI, it won't make changes on the original data.


Localize variable results

1. Enable the localization editor in your application.

2. Go to Admin > Localization

3. Select the language you want to apply the modification:


4. Click on the + Key button in the top right corner of the localization editor.

5. Enter the following details:

  • Under Key, enter the variable value as displayed on the Status panel, or on the Track Points panel.
  • Under Translation, enter the desired word you want to use for your variable (e.g. True if you want to display that on the screen).
  • Under Module, use always VehicleTracker


6. Click on the Save button.

7. Click on Save & Reload button.

After reloading the browser, you should be able to see now the value translated from HarshBreakingDigital_TRUE to simply True.