Change language privileges

This article describes the necessary steps to enable, edit or disable a language in your applications.

 Privileges for languages

1. Log in to an application with a Site Admin user.

2. Navigate to Server Administration → Applications → Manage Applications

Read how to access the privileges for your applications

3. Update the privilege for the language you want under Localization 


  • _UseLanguage controls which languages the user can select in Settings. If no languages are enabled, English will be used.
  • _EditLanguage controls which languages can be modified. This privilege must be enabled in order for the Localization menu item to appear.
  • _CreateLanguage gives the right to create a new language.
  • _DeleteLanguage gives the right to delete a language or to revert custom translations of an existing language. Only languages enabled under _EditLanguage can be deleted or reverted.

4. Click on Save.

Select a language for a user

The next step is to make the user select his language of preference. 

Learn how to change the language at the user level.