GpsGate can only be reached from localhost


You run Windows desktop versions and can only reach GpsGate's web interface using http://localhost/... in a browser, and not from a remote computer.


When GpsGate Server was installed the install Wizard noticed that you had not enabled IIS on your computer. Therefor IIS Express was installed. By default IIS Express will only be accessible from localhost.


Open the file "C:\GpsGateServer\IIS\iisexpress_applicationhost.config" in a text editor. (If this file does not exist, then IIS Express is not used, and this guide is not what you need!)

Search for the <bindings> change it to the following

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    <binding protocol="http" bindingInformation="*:80:" /> 

When this is done you need to restart IIS Express. You do this under Windows Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Right click on "Franson IISExpress Service" and select "Restart".

Now you should be able to access GpsGate's web interface from remote computers!