Offline expression event rule

Using Offline Expression you can create alerts based on your device activity, for example, to know if the trackers are connected or not.

This guide describes how to set up an event rule that displays icon alerts for online/offline vehicles. The icon alert can be shown in the vehicle list as an additional column.

Additionally, the guide describes how to make a report to know how long those devices have been offline.


Offline event setup

1. Go to Admin Event Rules from the application's menu.

2. Click on the New Event Rule button

At this stage, the event rule wizard starts. It will guide you through the 6 steps to create a rule.

1. Rule name and description

1.1 Input a Name for your event rule. A description is recommended.

Keep the rule Enabled.

1.2 Click on Next.


2. Who this rule applies to

2.1 Select your user tag.

If you don't select any user tags, the rule will apply to all the users.

Note: A User could be any user type, like a vehicle or a driver for example.

2.2 Click on Next.

3. Schedule rule activity

3.1 Select Always active if you want your rule to be active at all times.


3.2 Click on Next.

4. Expressions

The expression is the condition/s that trigger the event. Select Offline expression from the list.


Click on Next

5. Notifications

Add an Icon notification type and select the colors of your choice that denotes when your devices are online/offline. Note the column name to be used in the vehicles list.


In this example, we'll use red when an offline expression is detected, and green when there's device activity.

Click on Next.

6. Presentation

Don't select anything in this step. Leave it blank.


Click on Next.

Finally, click on  .

7. Refresh the browser to load the new column Offline.

8. Add the column Offline to the vehicle's list


9. Save your workspace from Windows > Workspace > Save As


Testing your rule

We recommend using the device simulator to test your event rule.


If a device is offline for more than 5', you'll see the red icon on the list.


Know how long your devices have been offline

Using the event rule report you can know how long those devices have been offline.

1. Select the EV1000 report from your report list in your application.

More information about EV1000 report.


2. Select the Offline expression rule created above.

3. Select your vehicle(s) / tag(s) to display in the report

4. Run the report