Offline expression event rule

Using Offline Expression you can create alerts based on your device activity, for example, to know if the trackers are connected or not.

This guide describes how to set up an event rule that displays icon alerts for online/offline vehicles. The icon alert can be shown in the vehicle list as an additional column.

Additionally, the guide describes how to make a report to know how long those devices have been offline.


Offline event setup

1. Go to Admin Event Rules from the application's menu.

2. Click on the New Event Rule button

3. Continue until 4. Expressions

4. Select Offline expression from the list.


5. Click on Next

6. Select Icon notification type.

In this example, we'll use red when an offline expression is detected, and green when there's device activity.


7. Click on Next and continue to the end of the wizard.

8. Save button.

9. Refresh the browser to load the new column Offline.

10. Add the column Offline to the vehicle's list.

Testing your rule

We recommend using the device simulator to test your event rule.

Know how long your devices have been offline

Using the Event Rule report, you can tell for how long those devices have been offline.