Using the Simulator for testing

A virtual tracker can be used to understand how event rules work or to simulate specific device's behaviors before putting any event rule or application in production.

The simulator could be useful scenarios like:

  • For testing your event rules.
  • To generate tracking data in your platform (e.g. to display a report’s data - specially useful in a report’s customization).
  • For training purposes.
  • To debug help requests.
  • Doing presales to your prospects or customers.


Add a device simulator: find out how in this guide.


Once the device is set up, you can select a destination to start generating data.


You will notice new data is generated by observing the Status panel


Or by observing the Terminal window


Enabling variables

With the simulator, you can enable/disable variables to add required data to your tests, for example to include an SOS, temperature or fuel level variables among others.

You will notice when selecting a simulator device, the panel Simulated Device State will be displayed.

In this panel you can enable/disable more variables to be used in your testing.

Click on Update State button after filling up/enabling the variables you require.


After this you will immediately see the changes on the Status panel and the Terminal window.