Manage columns: add variables in the vehicles panel

The Vehicles panel is customizable so that you see all of the data you need. You control the variables displayed in the vehicles list and tracks panel by adding data columns.

Site Admin configuration

1. In Site Admin > Applications, select an application to access its properties.

2. Enable the property _ManageColumns in Privileges and Features > Workspaces >

3. Save your application properties.

Application configuration

Adding columns in the Vehicle panel

1. Log in to your application

2. Go to the Vehicle Panel, just click on the dropdown menu in the corner of the panel and select Manage Columns.


3. Search for the variable you want to display under the Variable category:

You will now see the newly added column in the Vehicles panel.

Adding columns in the Track points panel

You can also add mapped variables in the Track points panel by right-clicking on the existing columns.