1010 SMS installation

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Click on Get More Plugins. Install SMSGateway1010 Plugin.

Follow these steps to install

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Change the repository to update.gpsgate.com
4. Download and install SMSGateway1010 plugin.

Configure GpsGate Server

1. Log in to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Settings > SMS
3. Select SMSGateway1010Provider in the dropdown.
4. Name (can be anything).
5. Set Outgoing Url field to this: http://hgw.hkcsl.com/gateway/gateway.jsp?application=***** or http://hgw2.hkcsl.com/gateway/gateway.jspapplication=*****, also can be and HTTPS (change endpoint URL if other than service location specified in WSDL, leave it if it is the same), where ***** is a unique application keyword assigned for each client.
6. Click Save

Now SMS is enabled on your server!

If you want 2-way SMS, continue with the steps below

10. Click on Edit again on the SMSGateway1010 provider you just added.
11. In the field Listener URL, you find the URL you should enter into your SMSGateway1010 account.

Now your server is enabled for incoming SMS too!

Language detection

By default, the plugin will detect if the SMS contains Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese characters.
If the SMS contains at least one Simplified Chinese character, UTF8 encoding will be used.
If no Simplified Chinese characters are detected, Big5 encoding will be used, which is for Traditional Chinese.
ASCII characters are encoded properly in both cases, by default Big5.

If you want to specify manually which encoding to be used please add one of the following prefix to the SMS:

&msg_utf8= to use UTF8 encoding,
&msg_text= to use Big5 encoding,
&msg_unicode= to use Unicode encoding.

For example, &msg_utf8=This is a test sms.


You can use the Send Test SMS feature under Settings in Site Admin.