SMS providers

This is the list of all supported SMS providers in GpsGate.

Having SMS in GpsGate platform enables the following features:

  • Send commands to GPS trackers
  • Send notifications and messages to users 
GpsGate Android SMS Proxy YES Global link
SMS over HTTP YES Global link
Twilio YES Global link
Infobip  YES Global link
SmsBroadcast YES Australia link
SmsGatewayCenter NO India link
Bulk SMS Nigeria YES Global link
VexxMobile YES Brazil link
WebSms YES Austria link
Nawras / Ooredoo NO Oman  link
Jawal SMS NO Saudi Arabia link
MobileProntoSMS / PitchWink NO Brazil link
TextMagic YES Global link
Diafaan SMS NO Global link
Zenziva SMS YES Indonesia link
Raco Wireless NO USA  link
SMS Canal NO  Global link
BahrainSMS NO Bahrain link
HSL SMS YES Global link
Vodafone Hungary YES Hungary link
BhashSMS NO India link
OneSimCard NO Global link
UnifonicSMS YES Global link
FoxBoxSms YES Italy link
KwtSMS NO Irak link
SmsNetsize YES Global link
BahrainViva NO Bahrain link
Telenor YES Sweden link
1010 SMS Gateway YES China link
Telefonica NO Spain link


Developers only: Integrate SMS over HTTP (Recommended for integration)
GpsGate Server provides a very simple and straight forward HTTP API which can be used for integration to any SMS service. Read more here.