Twilio installation

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Download and install the Twilio plugin

Configure GpsGate Server
1. Go to Site Admin>Account>Settings > SMS and choose '+ SMS provider'

2. Select TwilioSmsProvider in the dropdown
3. Name can be anything
4. AccoundSid The Account ID supplied by Twilio
5. AuthToken The AuthToken supplied by Twilio
6. From Number or Sender ID Originating number. A Twilio phone number or alphanumeric sender ID.
7. Click Save
Now your server is enabled for outgoing SMS! Test it by choosing Send Test SMS

2-way SMS installation

9. Click on Edit again on the Twilio provider you just added.
10. In the field Listener URL you find the URL you should enter into your Twilio account as the callback URL in the 'integrations' setup of messaging services. Please make sure to change the private IP to public IP/URL.

Authorized numbers to send

Check that your phone number is authorized to send SMS to the desired country. In most cases, only some countries are enabled by default. Check with Twillio's support if your country is enabled by default.