Twilio installation

1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Download and install the Twilio plugin

Configure GpsGate Server
1. Log in to Site Admin
2. Go to Settings > SMS
3. Select TwilioSmsProvider in the dropdown
4. Name can be anything

5. AccoundSid The Account ID supplied by Twilio
6. AuthToken The AuthToken supplied by Twilio

AccountSid and AuthToken can be found under Account Settings in your Twilio account.


7. From Number or Sender ID Originating number. A Twilio phone number or alphanumeric sender ID.

8. Click Save

Now your server is enabled for outgoing SMS!

2-way SMS installation

9. Click on Edit again on the Twilio provider you just added.
10. In the field Listener URL you find the URL you should enter into your Twilio account.

11. Login to your Twilio account.
12. Go to Programmable SMS > SMS Messaging Services
13. Click on + to add a new messaging service and put a friendly name too. In Use case select Notifications, 2-way
14. In Inbound Settings > Request URL paste the URL generated in the GpsGate platform (step 11) and leave the option HTTP Post.

15. Click on Save to save the Twillio configuration.
16. After adding this service, you need to apply it to the service default phone number. You can do this by clicking on the new service generated > Add an existing number

Authorized numbers to send

Check that your phone number is authorized to send SMS to the desired country. In most cases, only some countries are enabled by default. Check with Twillio's support if your country is enabled by default.

Typically this option is located in Programmable SMS > Settings > Geo Permissions in Twillio.