GpsGate Android SMS proxy

GpsGate Android SMS Proxy makes it possible to use an Android device with SMS capabilities to send and receive SMS from/to GpsGate using your local telephony provider as an alternative to a web based SMS provider.

Downloading the GpsGate SMS Proxy for Android

Download the latest version of SMS proxy from here:

Setting up GpsGate Android SMS Proxy

Minimum requirements

  • Android OS 4.1

GpsGate Server Installation

  1. Login to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Go to the SMS option.
  4. Select ProxyMessageProvider from the Select a provider type option menu.

Here you will be presented with the following screen

SMS Proxy Android Server Setup

  1. Set the Name field to something to describe your new SMS proxy. E.g. “Tele5”
  2. Set the Proxy user login field to the username that your SMS proxy app will log in with. E.g. “tele5proxy”
  3. Set the Proxy user password field to the password that your SMS proxy app will authenticate with. E.g. “VerySecurePassword123”.
  4. Set the Sender IDApplication Tags and Phone numbers fields by following the instructions in the help text near them.
  5. Click Save to finish.

Setting up the Android app

Check that your Android device is capable of both sending and receiving SMS.

  1. Install the GpsGate SMS Proxy app with the instructions from GpsGate Support
  2. Tap the GpsGate SMS Proxy icon to load the app.

Here you will be presented with the following screen.

SMS Proxy Android Empty Form

  1. Fill in the address of your server in the Hostname or IP address field.
  2. Leave the port number of 30175 alone unless you are an advanced user and know of a reason to change it.
  3. Enter the Username and Password that you configured earlier in SiteAdmin into the two bottom fields.
  4. Click Start to connect to your GpsGate Server

If your device connects successfully to the server, you should see the following screen.

SMS Proxy Connected Screen

You are able to see the status of the GpsGate SMS Proxy in your device notification area while the app is connecting or connected.

If you have any trouble connecting, please see the “Troubleshooting” section below.

Please note, while the GpsGate SMS Proxy app is Connected to the server, all SMS received by the device will be sent to the server. Make sure to install the app on a device that is purchased specifically for the task of being a GpsGate SMS proxy.


Permanently stuck on Connecting to server

When the Start button is pressed the app will try to connect to the GpsGate Server. It will keep trying to connect to the specified hostname or IP address until it makes a connection. If you see the connecting screen below for more than a minute click the Stop button and check your server address again.

SMS Proxy Connecting

If it is definitely correct you may have a networking issue. Check our guide to resolving connectivity issues.

Username or password is incorrect

If the app can connect to the GpsGate Server but the wrong credentials were supplied you will see the error message below.

SMS Proxy Bad Credentials

Simply check your credentials against those entered in SiteAdmin > Settings > SMS > Your proxy provider


Please post all feedback on the forum.