Diafaan SMS installation

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Plugins
3. Click on Get More Plugins. Install Diafaan Plugin.

Configure Diafaan SMS Server

1. Go to http://www.diafaan.com/ and download Diafaan SMS Server software
2. Install software on a host machine
3. Make all the configurations using Diafaan SMS Server Console and the documentation provided on the website.

Diafaan SMS Server should be ready for sending messages.

Configure GpsGate Server

1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to Settings > SMS
3. Under Configure Providers section, select DiafaanMessageProvider in drop down.
4. Fill in a Name to identify the SMS provider.
5. URL should be as follows:


DIAFAAN_SERVER_ADDRESS: is the host address Diafaan SMS Server Software is installed on. Use localhost if GpsGate and Diafaan SMS Server are hosted on the same machine.
Port number: Diafaan SMS Software uses port #9710 by default.
username: is the username for Diafaan SMS Server software.
password: is the password for Diafaan SMS Server software.

6. Select application tags that should use this provider.
7. Enter phone number initials that will use this provider.
8. Click Save to activate the the provider you just created.

Now Diafaan SMS is enabled for your server!


You can use the Send Test SMS feature under Settings in SiteAdmin.