Trip & Idle with parking report

This guide explains how to use a more advanced Trip & Idle report which contains the possibility to handle the Parking state.

In this report:

  • Idling: Ignition = ON and Speed = 0
  • Parking: Ignition OFF and Speed = 0



Report setup

1. Download

  • Trip & Idle & Parking (Detailed).xml > the report.
  • Trip & Idle parking rule.xml > Event Rule that collects data.

2. Import the Trip & Idle & Parking (Detailed) Example.xml report.

Read how to import a report template guide.

3. Enable the report Trip & Idle & Parking (Detailed) Example into your application.

Read how to enable a report into an application guide.

4. In the application, import the Trip & Idle parking rule.

Read how to import an event rule guide.

5. Create an instance of the Trip & Idle & Parking (Detailed) report.

Read how to create an instance of a report.

The new Trip & Idle & Parking (Detailed) Example instance should have selected the event rule by default.


Adding more columns to your reports

You can add more columns using Report Arguments. For the full list of variables you can add using report arguments click here.

Reprocess the report after you have made any change to the Event Rule for the changes to take effect.