Give users rights to see specific reports

This guide is a simple example on how to give different "Roles" of users rights to do different things in the application. In this particular case access to different Reports.


First you create tags for the groups of vehicles you want to display.

1. Select Admin -> Tags from menu in VehicleTracker
2. Click "Add New"
3. Enter a Name.
4. Check all vehicles you want included.
5. Click Save.
6. Repeat for each group of vehicles you want to display

Now you need to create the reports you need. IN each report you will set all parameters, including which tags a report is showing. You will save the parameters, and as you will see below, we will not allow other users change those parameters.

0. Go to "Map View"
1. Select "Reports -> Manage Reports" from menu.
2. Select a "Report Definition" and click "Open"
3. Enter a Name, Description, and set all the other parameters including Tags that should be shown in this report.
4. Make sure you deselect "Show parameters". This will prevent other users from changing your report!
5. Click "Save"

Repeat the steps above for each report you want to create. If you for example plan to have 3 different Roles, which should see 3 different Tags of vehicles, you should create 3 reports. One for each Tag.

When a user displays the reports only the time period will be displayed. You can also schedule the reports to be emailed.

An finally you should assign different Roles to be able to see specific Views.

1. Select Admin -> Features from menu.
2. Click on "Create a copy" for "_Operators"
3. Enter a Name.
4. Check all users you want included in this Role.
5. In the tree view to the right you can edit the privileges of this Role.
5.1 Make sure "Plugins -> Reporting -> _CreateReport" is deselected. IN this way users in this Role cannot create and edit reports.
5.2 Under "Plugins -> Reporting -> _ViewReport" select the reports this Role of users should be able to see. Those reports will be listed in the Reports Menu when the user logs into Map View.
6. Click Save.
7. Repeat for all Roles you want to create.

Roles and Features are the core concepts to build up groups of users that are assigned to do specific tasks.

Test by logging in as a user which is member of one of the restricted Roles, and verify he only can access what you intended.

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