Malaysia MOT Data Forward Plugin

Malaysia Land Transport Ministry - GPS Gateway integration

Malaysia MOT Data Forward is an electronic platform that enables the Public Transport Authority in Malaysia to monitor and control the land transport to raise their level of quality, safety, and security. 

To integrate Malaysia MOT Data Forward with GpsGate, follow this guide.


1. Log in to Site Admin > Plugins > Get More Plugins

2. Install the plugin Malaysia MOT Data Forward

Enable the privilege for the  application

1. In Server Administration, navigate to the Application -> Manage Applications -> Your application

2. Enable the "MalaysiaMotDataForward" plugin as below



Add Custom Field for the Malaysia MOT Data Forward

1.  Create a new custom field for storing the vehicle plate number


2. Enable the new added custom field on the Device User Type

3. Add the vehicle plate number for the vehicles that will send data


Configure the Malaysia MOT Data Forward

1. Within the application, go to the admin menu -> Malaysia MOT

2. In the popup window, input:

  • API Key 
  • API Password
  • Select the tag which includes all the vehicles require sending data 
  • Select the newly added custom field for vehicle plate number



Now the Malaysia MOT Data Forward configuration is finished and ready to use.

Note: You can disable or delete the configuration if needed. 

How it works: 

  • The plugin sends positions of vehicles that belong to the selected tag once the configuration done.
  • The position will be sent 15 seconds after the previous position gets sent.
  • The position will only be sent when the device send its position to GpsGate within the last 15 seconds. 
  • Please make sure all the vehicles are submitted for verification by Malaysia Land Transport Ministry before processing the data.