User Types and User Types Editor

There are different kinds of users you can create in GpsGate according to their purpose. These differences are set in user types.

A user type works like a template saving time for creating users that share common properties.


Which one to choose

This table summarizes which user type you should select depending on its purpose:

Type Purpose Login to the application? Plugin dependency Counts in license?
Administrator Administrator of an application. Yes - -
Device A tracking device (GPS unit/tracker). - - Yes
Dispatch unit A user for dispatching jobs to. Yes Dispatch Yes
Driver A user associated to a driver. - - -
Laptop A user for GpsGate Splitter. - - Yes
Operator A user for basic maintenance purposes. Yes  - -
Empty Create a custom user. ? - ?


Read more about users and licensing here.

Modify a user type

User types can be customized. You can access User Type Editor by following these steps:

1. Access the application Privileges and Features.

2. In the Application properties, enable _EditUserTemplates.

3. Login back to your application.

4. The User Type Editor is now accessible from the Vehicles panel.