ArcGIS Custom Web Map integration and Custom geocoder configuration

This guide describes how to enable the use of ESRI/ArcGIS custom web maps in GpsGate and how to configure the custom ESRI/ArcGIS geocoder.

ArcGIS plugin Install

  1. Log in to Site Admin
  2. Go to the Plugins tab
  3. Make sure all plugins are up to date (on the Plugins tab)
  4. Install ArcGISMap

ArcGIS Web Map

The custom ESRI/ArcGIS map should be exposed as a web map. Need more details? Learn how to create a web map in ArcGIS

After creating the web map, you can get a URL of the web map. 


  1. Go to Site Admin > Maps > ArcGIS
  2. Click New
  3. Specify the Name, URL, and Description fields.
  4. Click Save
  • Name: The name of the map, used for enabling the map in your server applications.
  • URL: Link to the custom map which you created. *Please make sure it is correct and responding by opening it in your browser first!
  • Description: An optional note for your use of the map specifications, which customers will use it, etc. Use this as needed to fit your business.


When you have created a map (or several maps), you must now enable the maps for the Vehicle Tracker applications. 

  1. Go to the Privileges and Features of your application > Maps
  2. Enable _UseMapPlugin > ArcGISMap >  _UseArcGISMap privilege
  3. From the _UseArcGISMap folder, enable the individual ArcGIS map(s) you need
  4. Click Save

Custom Geocoder Server

Under the Site Admin > Maps > ArcGIS, you can choose which ArcGIS geocoder can be used. If you are using the official ArcGIS geocoder, you can choose the default value as "ESRI/ArcGIS online." You can also use the custom geocoder server instead if you have your own ArcGIS geocoder server. 


  • Geocode URL: the custom geocoder server url
  • Geocode Auth token URL: the url for getting the authentication token for using custom geocoder
  • Username: login username for custom geocoder
  • Password:  login password for custom geocoder

You can read more about ArcGIS REST API geocode here: