ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor Integration


The integration between ArcGIS GeoEvent Processor and GpsGate allows you to pull a vehicle's latest position from GpsGate and use it within an ArcGIS server. 


GpsGate configuration

1. Create an Operator user.

Read more about how to create a user here.

2. Enable access for this user to the privilege _APIRead

Read more about how to enable REST API in an application here.

3. Make sure that user has the correct accesses to the data they need to poll for (users).

Read more about how to enable _ReadData privileges to users here.

ArcGIS configuration

1. In ArgGIS GeoEvent Processor administration page, create a new Input of Type Poll an External Website for JSON.

2. Give it a name.

3. Fill in the REST URL, typically like https://HOST_OR_IP/comGpsGate/api/v.1/applications/APPLICATION_ID/usersstatus 

4. Select YES under Create GeoEvent Definition and give that a name.

5. HTTP Method should be GET.


Under the Advanced section you need to add/remove the following:


6. Set Update Frequency to the desired number.

7. Header Parameter Name: Value list:

It should be this: Authorization:TOKEN_AS_GENERATED_BY_THE_TOKEN_RESOURCE (http://HOST_OR_IP/comGpsGate/api/v.1/applications/APPLICATION_ID/tokens)

Note that there is no space between Authorization and the token, only a column (:)

8. X Geometry Field


9. Y Geometry Field

10. Accept MIME Types (Client Mode) should be empty (important).