ArcGIS map layers

You can now layer ArcGIS maps on top of the native map and Google Maps (Map ID required - see FAQ). ArcGIS maps act as data layers over the native map, giving fleet managers a full picture of ALL the data needed to keep the fleet running effectively.


Both public and private ArcGIS maps can be used as data layers. This functionality is ideal for fleets across industries including public works (snow plowing, street repairs, etc.), mining, or those working in large secure areas like airports.

ArcGIS data layers overview

You can show and hide ArcGIS layers with one click, so it's easy to switch the data view. Click on the eye to view or hide the layer. Note: layers are hidden by default, so you won't notice a map change upon login until you make a layer visible.


You can also control which individual sublayers are displayed on the map.


To view more information about any data point, simply click it. If more than one data point is available, you can see both by using the controls at the top right (e.g. < 1 of 2 > in the image below). 


Want to reorder the layers? Simply drag and drop.


Happy with the current data setup? Save your workspace to save the layer order and layer visibility settings.

Tip: You can use the map "peek" tool with ArcGIS layers! Press and hold "P" - it dims the ArcGIS layer and all Map UI to show the underlying map”.



Which ArcGIS map layer types are supported?

ArcGIS web maps and portal maps are supported. These map types add the most powerful core ArcGIS functionality, so we recommend using them as data layers.

My ArcGIS maps aren't showing as data layers the first time I log into my application. Help?

The layers are initially hidden, so you must click on the layers icon at the top right of the map in order to select the layers you'd like to view. You can then customize the layers and sublayers that are visible as well as the layer order before saving your workspace.


I see my ArcGIS maps listed on the map panel menu. Are these layers? 

The installed ArcGIS maps listed on the map menu are actually separate maps. You cannot view them as data layers - only as separate maps. To view as layers, please click the map layer icon as shown above. This will allow you to select which layers and sublayers are shown on the map.


How can I use ArcGIS map layers with Google Maps?

To use ArcGIS with Google Maps, you have to register for a Google "Map ID." Configure and read more under Site Admin > Maps > Google Maps.