ArcGIS installation

This guide describes how to enable use of ESRI/ArcGIS maps in GpsGate Server VehicleTracker.


  1. Log in to SiteAdmin.
  2. Go to the Plugins tab.
  3. Under My Plugins tab, make sure all plugins are up to date
  4. Install ArcGISMap


  1. Go to SiteAdmin / Maps / ArcGIS
  3. Click “New”
  5. Specify the. Name, URL, and Description fields
  7. Click “Save”

Name: The name you use to reference when enabling the map in the VehicleTracker applications.
URL: Link to the ESRI/ArcGIS server and map you want to use. (Please make sure it is correct and responding by opening it in your browser first).
Description: An optional description note, mostly for your convenience.

When you have created a map, or several maps, your must now enable the maps for the VehicleTracker applications you will use. 

  1. Go to SiteAdmin / Applications / [your app] / Privileges and Features / Maps
  3. Enable _UseMapPlugin / ArcGISMap
  5. Enable the _UseArcGISMap privilege
  7. From the _UseArcGISMap folder enable the individual ArcGIS map(s) you need!
  9. Click “Save”

Some default maps available from ArcGIS

Here are some exising maps available from ArcGIS you can try out.

(Adding no maps will make the plugin fallback to a default OpenStreetMap layer)

How to enable CORS

The url to the mapservers need to be accessible from the domain you browse from. If it’s not the same as your ArcGIS map server. Easiest is to enable CORS on your ArcGIS server.

More information:
Alternately use the proxy:

General information about CORS can be found here here:


Geocoder functionality is currently in Beta.

After installation select the ArcGIS geocoder in SiteAdmin >Applications >YourApp >Geocoding.

If you have registered for an ArcGIS account you can set your credentials in SiteAdmin >Maps > ArcGIS. 

Read more about ArcGIS applications and credits here: